Tuesday, May 18, 2010

But Now I Am

I wasn't really a soccer/football fan before but....

And I enjoyed this article in Vanity Fair.  Here is an excerpt:

In 38 days, it begins. The World Cup captivates more people around the globe than any other event, sporting or otherwise. Every four years, in pubs and corporate boardrooms, thatched huts and flophouses, fans of “the Beautiful Game” gather around televisions and transistor radios—and now, for the deep of pocket, iPhones and 3-D flat screens—to cheer for their heroes. They watch and listen by the billions, holding their breath at every corner kick, falling to their knees or leaping for joy at every goal scored. That this year’s tournament is in South Africa, where apartheid was the law of the land until 1994, only adds to the heightened sense of celebration—this is about a whole lot more than just soccer.


  1. my husband is a soccer player. his body doesn't look quite like this. we are going to have to have a talk.