Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Hot in the City

It's mid 90's this week and our 100 year old house is hot upstairs, but very pleasant in the basement.  We need to replace the 2 extremely ugly light fixtures over the stairway anyway, so I think to save on AC costs installing 2 ceiling fans would help pull up some of that cool air.  Plus the visual impact of two fans in a row would be awesomeness.  So here are my criteria: they have to be hugger (flush mount) since the ceiling is only 8 ft.  They have to be 36in blade diameter since there are 2 of them in a small space and they have to have lights.  Oh and they have to be cool looking.  So far I have found 2 that fit the bill.  Both at Lumens. Both about $400.  So I will have to wait to get them for awhile.  Which do you like?

Picture this one without the drop pole.  Do you have a good source for fans?  Or are they taboo to you?


  1. I hear ya on the practicality of fans! Living in Texas, they really are nice to have when it warms up. I know pretty chandeliers are so much nicer to look at - but I can't really afford the $400 electric bills.

    Unless it's a big fan in a bigger room, I really tend to like white fans because they "blend" in with the ceiling. Plus, they're less expensive!

  2. numero dos. i'm not generally a big fan (pun intended) but i get the practicality and i think you're right about the visual impact of two in a row.

  3. Try MinkaAire and their contemporary selections. I have two and they look terrific. As Rachel said above, I have white and they blend seamlessly into the ceiling. They also have a light but it's built into the mount so not obnoxious. Mine also have only three blades which also minimizes presence. Good luck.