Sunday, May 15, 2011

She scares me a little : elttil a em seracs ehS

Her talent is undeniable
but the symmetry is too perfect

scary, designery, perfect

I mean it is gorgeous

but I would be scared to sit down
or entertain

or burp 
or fart
or giggle
or sneeze

too themey

prep at it's best

I'm getting a little wonder woman vibe
is it the cuff?

she's hot to be sure


  1. i have never been blown away by her skills. it's too matchy and perfect.

  2. Clever revelC

    Too thin and intense for my taste. Just sayin'

  3. Omg great post! I def could appreciate the beauty in those designs but I agree completely that I'd be scared to have guests over... guests prob wouldn't want to be around me if my house looked like that I'd be standing from afar eyeballing the furniture to make sure everything was in place. and yes she def has a wonder woman look def gorgeous also!

  4. Hmmm. I have to admit I bow down at the altar of Ms. McDonald. Love her over the top style! The preppie room is a favorite!