Monday, May 2, 2011


beach wear and beachy home goods fave 
of celebrities and people with more money than me
Calypso St. Barth hit Target today

the kids' stuff was adorable of course

the women's...not so much
cheapy and kind of gaudy
not the sexy beachy feel of the real stuff

calypso st barth

calypso st barth by kmcreaj featuring a tulip dress
Tulip dress
$225 -

$225 -

Mesh Handknit Crew
$275 -

Calypso vintage caftan
$225 -

Chan Luu gold jewelry
$225 -

Motif 56 snap bracelet
$50 -

that was the real stuff
now if only I had an occasion for a caftan
and could pull one off without looking like Mrs. Roper

but  back to Target...
I forgot to look for the jewelry and online
it looks pretty good

the home goods were virtually nonexistant in my store
and online
no pillows
lots of plastic plates
elephant tea pot was cute


  1. Dang that kid is cute, why can't boys' clothes be as fun???

  2. Too bad...there was so much potential for this to be so good. :(

  3. I felt the same way! And ditto on the home stuff, my store had almost none! I did get the same dress your adorable daughter got, now I need to figure out how to make the straps longer. I can't wear it right now without choking myself. Oh, and I have a friend who makes the most wonderful cuffs out of vintage belts, holler if you want her info.

  4. Your little model is gorgeous! Tell her I said so.

  5. i hated all of it. even the kid shit. terrible.

  6. Oh, she's a cute patoot in that!

    Yeah, it was sad that the stuff for the wee ones was the best of it all.