Monday, May 9, 2011

Gypsy baby

a trip to the mister's homeland
this weekend for a family wedding
led to a trip to the cemetery
to visit the graves of his parents

my kids were fascinated
it was sweet and sad when 
Anna put dandelions on their grave and kissed it

she never knew them

the kids had a zillion questions

but not as many as I did
when the mister offered up this tidbit

him:    this is the grave of the gypsy baby that my grandma took care of

me:  (incredulously)  WHAT???

me: there was a gypsy baby?

me: what does that mean?

me: real gypsies?  in Wisconsin?

me: what happened to her?

me: why did your grandma take care of her?

me: what happened to her parents?

me: how did she die?

him:  (shrug) I don't know if you noticed but my family are not really talkers
we are kinda light on the details



  1. Why ya gotta hate? Sorry it happened in like the 20's, we have a hard time remembering what happened last week.

  2. GAAAAAHH is right! i would need details, esp. when the words "gypsy baby" are in the story!