Friday, October 15, 2010


Those pink lamp shades are hurting my eyes.  I thought the whole issue was a bore. You?

House Beautiful November 2010


  1. the only thing in that room that is good (great in fact) is the coffee table. the rest is somehow dreary -- strange for such a big, light-filled apace.
    happy weekend!!

  2. I saw the new Elle Decor and it was a pretty traditional snoozefest too

  3. Agreed! I'm concerned about HB's conservative and traditional new direction. Almost an upscale Better Homes & Gardens.

  4. I kind of liked it! Not really the Phoebe Howard piece, but I thought the first one and the Peter Dunham one were pretty good!
    But then, I lean more traditional. I'm kind of tired of the totally mis-matched old Domino look.
    I think that's what makes decorating (and blogs!) interesting, though - different strokes for different folks!