Monday, October 11, 2010

A Beautiful Dichotomy

He started kindergarten this fall and turned 6 this week.  I used to know every time he took a poop and now there are 8 hours of his day I know nothing about.  I ask about school and already get, "Fine, nothing."  But then I get an excruciatingly detailed 10 minute description of the light saber fight he had with Daddy.

He snuggles in bed with me and wants me to stay until he falls asleep, but today changed his dirty shirt to deliver something to the neighbor who has a beautiful 11 year old daughter.  He never even used to know his shirt was dirty.

He hugged me tight when he opened his presents, so moved with emotion at how lucky he was to get a Zhu Zhu Pet Battle Arena, then when I would not read a fourth book at bedtime he said, "why can't you ever do anything for me."

The day before his birthday we had this conversation

Mack: I know what I want for my birthday mom
Me: what? (already done shopping, shit)
Mack: a cell phone
Me: Why?
Mack: So I can text you from kindergarten and tell you I love you
Me: still considering it