Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Not in this Lifetime

Really?  Who has time for this?  If you do, congrats. 
Sorry, perhaps I'm a bit crabby as we are currently working 5 jobs at the Appletree house.  I won't be intricately carving pumpkin lanterns or sewing any costumes this year.
But I  will eat candy until I puke.  Halloween is my favorite holiday.
I like to pretend I'm something I'm not.
I usually like to do it up big on that day, party, costumes, decor, but I'm not feeling it this year.
I could maybe handle making this little guy.
I like these silver pumpkins, they look easy.

But I really just want to get out of here for a few days.  I can be packed in 5 minutes.


  1. What do hillbillys do for Halloween?


  2. Like that little guy too... he would make me smile everytime I saw him and his little plastic fork! ;-)

    We're headed to NOLA for Halloween, so we are making a big deal out of it this year. But I'm not really feelin' it. It's never been a "big" deal for me, and this year I'm more excited about hitting Magazine St. than going to the costume ball.
    But I do like me some candy, and yes - I've eaten too much where I've felt sick before. So far, since Halloween candy came out, I've already gone through a big bag of Skittles and am almost through a bag of caramels.