Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Things and Lakes and Real Estate: A Minnesota Weekend

Thing One and Thing Two are off to Grandma's for a few days!

He's feeling much better, thanks for your kind words.

Tonight I plan to take a walk with my bff around Lake of the Isles and have dinner at the park stand Tin Fish, where the only thing on the menu is fried fish.  This house is for sale on Lake of the Isles for 2.775 Million.

Tomorrow a date with the mister will include kayaking on Lake Minnetonka, where this house is for sale for 4.295 Million.

Saturday, it is 4 hours due North to join the kids at my parents on Leech Lake.  Where this house is for sale for 1.395 Million.  Buy it from my dad.  (He's the realtor, not the owner.) Hey Dad can I get a referral fee?  Just sayin...


  1. Have fun on your childless weekend. Are you dream house stalking?

  2. Say what - are your parents moving?

  3. so weird. fiona is off to the beach with her grandparents this weekend. we will join her in 4 days!
    have a great few days of freedom. we are painting and going to eat at restaurants and watch movies.