Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Hello Darkness My Old Friend II

Every once in awhile my obsession with black bedrooms comes back.
matha stewart

This might be a favorite with it's rough texture, except the pillows are too styled and matchy.
apatrment therapy

This headboard would make a lot of noise hitting the wall and probably scratch the paint

Still not over it.


  1. Me Jenna Lyons bedroom for the same dark reasons!

  2. I loovvvee that. I wonder if it would look good with alternating black and red walls- or would it end up looking sadistic?

  3. Zhush: I agree. Jenna's bedroom was my fave. It was in my original dark post.

  4. I've never been daring enough for a black bedroom, but I just love the photos!!

  5. Very innovative designs with black paint! I love the first room, the contrast with the pink tones and the beautiful flooring. Thanks for these photos, very inspirational to step outside of the box ;)

  6. Okay, the black paint is cool but I am not courageous enough to do it. I'm one of those "happy colors" people. Love your commentary on the last image - oh, the mental images! Fun blog and now following! Come see me when you get the chance!

  7. I will never get over this until I do it myself. I got as far as deep purple....almost there.