Monday, July 5, 2010

Resisting Temptation

It's hard for me. It is easier for some people. You know them, the skinny ones with the big retirement funds. This is what I am resisting lately. I am on a spending moratorium as I have to pay for the bulldozer to tear out my disaster area of a yard. Tell me what you think of this swimsuit. I kinda love it. But would it read as totally mom frumpy? Or pin-up girl sexy?


  1. still exploring polyvore, we had a nice chat last week. they try hard. it does more than I expected. I think they will have more options for interiors soon, and the girl was super sweet.

  2. i love it, but you have to be careful how you wear it; you don't want to end up in frump-ville. if you wear it with the wedges, i would say yes. would you ever consider wearing it with a skirt?

  3. did you get my first comment? Blogger is being weird.