Sunday, July 18, 2010


sfgirl by bay posted these back in May, but I missed it.  I love this idea, she was inspired by that photo from Lonny.  You know the one, with all the pots with the perfect patina on the black table.  I'm not even linking it, you've seen it so many times.  I love how she re-interpreted it with the black walls and metal cart.  I want to do this in my entry way where currently my washer and dryer sit.  Yes, in entry to the side of my house, going into the kitchen.  Who thought that was a good idea?  But re-plumbing another room is out of the budget right now, so instead I will be jealous of her space.  Jealous is never a pretty emotion, but at least you can look at pretty pictures, while I wallow.  I am feeling low today as my kid goes on his 7th day of a stomach virus.


  1. lovely pic! hope the little one gets better soon. isn't 7 days a bit long for a virus? (i'm not a doctor)

  2. yep, way too long. we have to send in samples to rule out anything worse. and by samples I mean....yeah disgusting.

  3. sorry about your kid!!!
    when i saw these images that particular pic of deborah needleman's plant table is actually what came to mind.

  4. 7th day? I hope he's ok!! really do.

    Love the greenery.

  5. Such a pretty idea, I love it!