Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What to Wear this Weekend

For an evening cocktail party at your swanky friend's rooftop patio.
A maxidress by Juicy Couture.

For a weekend at the cabin.  Boyfriend shorts, by AG.  If the cabin is secluded enough, stop at that.

 For your cousin's wedding.  This one from Anthropologie.  (this is what I am actually wearing to my cousin's wedding this weekend, so if you are going, don't even think about getting it)

For waking up and drinking coffee in where ever you are, boyshorts.  Always.


  1. love all of it...especially the maxidress (though i'm thinking on me it may look like a mumu.)

  2. Heeeyyy, is that the same wedding we are going to??? Ha Ha My dress isn't going to fit but at least my hair will look nice!

  3. I wish I could pull off the topless jean shorts look.
    But I could rock that maxi-dress! That's one advantage of being tall.