Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Commitment Issues

My home is sort of modern.  Clean lines.  Not a lot of pattern.  A few quirks here and there to give it character.  Like this photo.

Lately I am drawn to something a little edgier.  Bohemian, full of color and pattern and excitement.  Is this just a passing fancy or is it time for a change?


  1. maybe it's an openness to something new, an expanding of your horizons

  2. Could be an expanding of your horizons, but it could also be a fad. I think if you did something this drastic in your house, you'd probably get tired of it or hate it. That's a lot of change.
    Maybe start out with baby steps - add a little more pattern or mix more fabrics in the pillows of one room??? See if you like it first before the big commit.