Sunday, December 20, 2009

Dear Santa

I know you are busy right now, but I have one little request.   I don't need any more material posessions, and I know world peace is not your department, but here is something maybe you can help with.  I want a visit from this guy:

I don't have anything naughty in mind, I promise.  I am happily married.  
We could just share a few of these:
The official Miller Lite logo

And chillax and chat.  Maybe he could follow my blog.  Tell him I am not one of those psycho fans, really.  
 I have been a fan of his since I was in college. Now I am 38 year old wife, mother, and athletic trainer.   I once drove through
 Kiln,when I was in Mississppi visiting people. Ok, that does sound psycho, but really I am not. Really!  It's just that after all of those years as a Packer it just seems too good to be true that he is in purple.  It's just too good!  I need to know why he came 
here.  Could he read my mind?  Could he?? Could he tell that we Minnesotans always loved him despite our hatred of the 
team he played on?  We don't have to spend the whole time talking about his motivations.  I really just want to shoot the shit.  
How do his kids like the new school?  Has he caught any fish lately?  My dad has a cabin up north he could use to go ice 
fishing.  Would he throw the ball to my son a few times?  Nothing much.  Just a visit. I don't live far from Winter Park.  Can you make it happen Santa?  
Pretty please.

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