Monday, December 7, 2009

Apples + Oranges = Cool

JoAnna Henderson via Desire to Inspire
Vintage + Modern

Dressy + Casual

House Beautiful
Rustic + Modern

House Beautiful

Warm + Cool
Boyfriend fatigue jacket
Masculine + feminine

Harrison Ford Proposes to Calista Flockhart
young + old

Ames Ingham 3 by Bento Barista.
mikkel vang in Domino from Flickr

Round + Square by annesage82.
Domino form Flickr

Rustic + Industrial

It's all in how you pull it together.  Too much of one style looks forced and cataloguey.


  1. I so agree! That first space is just amazing.

  2. Cool collection of pictures! I really like that last kitchen. It could also be categorized in the "dark + light" category!