Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Affordable Gift List: Thursday Edition- kiddos

Imaginations are a good thing  $66.99 ages 4+

Fun for the whole family $45 ages 4+
Seven-Days-a-Week Watch

Seven day a week watch Garnet ages 8+
MÅLA Easel

seriously $14.99 how do they do that?

I always wanted lifesize stuffed animals as a kid.  30 years ago, they were hundreds of dollars and only available at FAO Schwarz. Now they are $49.99 at
Garnet Hill Signature Trek Watch
Trek Watch clips on a backpack or hockey bag $15 Garnet
My Listography

A cool way to journal for future bloggers $12.95
Corolle Les Cheries Cecile

Corolle Les Cheries Cecile. She is so hip.  Frenchwomen always are.  $44
Did you see that American Girl? $44, just sayin...

There you have it.  No batteries required.  Hope you got some good ideas.  Commence shopping! By the way, I do know it is Saturday.  Life happens, and I have another job that actually pays my bills so they like to me show up.

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