Wednesday, November 11, 2009

This one is for you Mom


 by eforrest

joulukuusenkoriste - christmas ornament by vaula
images via flickr
Birch Pillar Candle, 4 x 4"

Cypress Pinecones Garland, 60"

Bare Curly Manzanita Wreathgarnet
David Stark Natural Weave Star Garlandwest

I'm dreaming of a brown Christmas...well I am not, but my mom is.  We sometimes wonder if I was switched at birth.  While she loves all things neutral, I prefer sparkly and glittery.  Beige can be beautiful if you mix textures and shades.  She wraps her presents in brown mailing wrap and they always look great.  Christmas does not have to be green and red.  What is your favorite Christmas color combo?