Monday, November 23, 2009

Come on Get Happy

After much deliberation, I have chosen my color scheme for my wrapping paper this year. I LOVE to pick out the wrapping, ribbons, and gift tags each year. I have done every color combo you can think of: Newsprint with many different red ribbons-(eco friendly, but super messy); Pale green with pink ribbons, all white with gold and silver ribbons (seems too precious this year), all red with gold ribbons, black and white with teal ribbons, teal with red ribbons (Tiffany style), etc. I have also done all the package toppers including glittery ornaments 10 for $2 at Target (which are still a favorite) silk flowers, silk leaves, blah blah blah. This year I plan to keep it simple. All white paper, (super cheap at Michael's) and Happy Tape found here.

It is Japanese masking tape in so many cute colors and patterns. Brilliant. It is all over the blogs this season, so I ordered some today and I will let you know how it turns out. I had always spent a lot of time tying pretty bows and adding clever adornments, that would inevitably fall of when I packed up the gifts and headed off to our various celebrations. Not this year. Happy tape. Do it. All the cool kids are.

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