Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Pray for Jabs

Jack Jablonski is a sophomore hockey player at my school 

It is my job to take care of the athletes here

and keep them healthy

and help them return to play safely after an injury

and help them deal emotionally with their injury

but a lot of what I do is just putting on bandaids or taping ankles really

I run on the field or the court or the ice when an athlete goes down

and I get them back up

except when I was at my parents celebrating Christmas

and someone else was covering the team for me

and Jack went down

and has not gotten up yet

you can read about it here

or go to his caringbridge site and leave a message

or say a prayer please


  1. oh no
    oh no no no no no....
    prayers for him, for you, and all of us hockey moms.

  2. oh no! i read about him and my heart broke! I hope he gets some specialized medical attention.

  3. a trainer's worst nightmare.

    Saying a little prayer right now.