Sunday, January 22, 2012

please advise

this is new at my house

it is big

bigger than I pictured

that is a twin size mattress on it

my neighbor who is an upholsterer

is making a cover for it

out of fabric I already owned

he is charging me $45

that is pretty much slave labor I think

this was my inspiration

but we had to paint it all white because 

we could not afford nice wood

I would like it to look a little more like the above

and less like the below photo

it's cute but too tailored
and matchy for me

I need some of these I think

and I'm considering painting the window frame black

the mattress cover is blackish and plain

but with texture

also considering adding a sheepskin

but the word skin is holding me back

basically I want a cozy place to read

but not a fluffy place to read

oh and a bamboo shade is planned

your thoughts?



  1. I like what your planning. The black window frame will add visual interest and define the space. If you don't like the sheepskin idea, what about a fake fur throw? It would add another texture, but still be in the same line with the sheepskin without being too skin-like

  2. First, I love it. Second, the thing I'm seeing in the inspiration photo that is not present in your space is open surface area for things like coffee cups and books. That book shelf space just to the side of your pad would be perfect for opening up empty space - or you could also incorporate some sort of tray as they have in the inspiration photo. Also, have you thought about a pendant light that hangs above the reading space? Something off to the side and soft? I love the ethnic textile throw pillow idea! This space is going to be the bomb! Especially when you paint the inner window frame black. I'm so jealous. It already looks pretty cozy! (but not fluffy.)

  3. I love the humor and the ideas. Nice post. Nice blog!

  4. The space is wonderful, I adore reading and inspirational ( drawing etc) nooks. The textile pillows are great and if not a (skin) simply a very softly knitted throw.

    Art by Karena