Tuesday, October 11, 2011

10 year old nature girl seeks new room

my little neighbor is turning 10
and gets to redecorate her room

she is one cool kid
and deserves a cool room

I wish I remember where I found this first image

she loves turtles

and she collects things
of course

so I am picturing a whole bunch of this 

on the shelves with her books
because she is an avid and accomplished reader
who also plays hockey and the cello

I still love this room
and mounted butterflies

This quilt is beautiful

and there's a pattern
in case her mom wants to whip one up

you're welcome

more mounted butterflies

you get the idea

Happy Birthday kiddo



  1. a display cabinet would come in handy

  2. Happy birthday! Double digits are a big thing and a cool new room is a great way to celebrate! Love all the turtles!

  3. wouldn't it have been fun to have a truly decorated bedroom when you were 10? so fun!