Friday, October 21, 2011

Miss you

a quick post to fill you in on news

first this couch is crazy gorgeous


we now have another kid

Rongxhue is from China

she goes by Sherry

she will live with us until she graduates in June

we love her already

thirdly a room in my house needs to be this color asap

also I want that rug

and because I didn't think three kids were enough

I added a few more for the weekend

and finally if I actually did have 5 kids

I would want this kitchen

actually I want it anyway

I know for some of you (mom)

this is way too much stuff

but I like it crazy


ps a dude I used to party with in college is about to operate on my beloved grandma
say a prayer for her if you do that kind of thing
she has probably prayed for you
she prays for everyone


  1. You know strangely the last picture would be my mother's kitchen if she was able to do it. In fact, if I had time, I might come up with a way to do it myself

  2. Your grandma is in my thoughts, I hope all goes well. xo

  3. you are the best. sherry will be lucky to be in your home! i wonder if she'll understand your wit and sarcasm? good luck to your g'ma. i hope your former college party mate was a good student.
    i'm sure he was.