Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Too much?

I dunno

you say

but I will say those flowers painted on the doors should go


  1. yes, way too much.
    i like the color of the cabinets, but that wall treatment has to go.
    (and the painted flowers).

  2. yes to much going on. the wallpaper and the painted flowers on the cabinets should go. everything else should stay.

  3. There is something appealing about it but I think it's like the girl who has great jewelry but wears too much at once.

    It needs to take off the earrings and maybe one necklace then I think it'd be o.k.

  4. I love the patterned backsplash--it's such a nice change from the usual white--but that particular shade of blue competes with it rather than sets it off. Anyway, that's what I think is too much about it. Also, the distressing on the cabinets looks a little silly.