Monday, August 1, 2011

Dog Days

It's August already

I head back to work in 2 weeks
but my kids still have 5 weeks
left of summer vacation
and I plan to make it awesome

we make a list like this each summer now

an idea I got from my neighbor
who is the most funnest mom ever

the list pictured above is not our list
our list is written in crayon and hangs on the fridge

a few things still need to be crossed off our list
including the Minnesota Zoo
the Minneapolis Institute of Art
 sleeping in the tree house

and a proper picnic

we eat outside a lot
between soccer games and swimming lessons
so when my daughter asked for a picnic
I was surprised

me: what do you think a picnic is?

her: you know a basket, a blanket, food spread out on it

me: you mean smushed pb&j in a lunchbox 
on the tailgate of our car 
in the parking lot of the middle school is not a picnic?

nope guess not



  1. 1. that list makes me feel like a bad mom

    2. a picnic outside right now means i am subjecting my kids to dengue fever.

    3. sleeping outside means, see above.

    4. we are going bowling today!

  2. that list is adorable! fridge lists are too. I was hoping to pull together a picnic yet this summer also. your daughter is one smart cookie!

  3. Gah, that list has some lofty goals. Just looking at it is making me tired. It's a great idea though I'm afraid if you don't get to something the kid is going to be all disappointed and bummed out.

    I'm thinking I add stuff to a list of things we've DONE this summer. This way at the end the kid is all like, "Damn mom, we did a lot this summer!" instead of, "Damn mom you never did blah blah di blah blah with me".

    Hopefully your kid doesn't say damn either.