Sunday, April 15, 2012

oh me? not much...

since we last talked

my cat died
she was 12
and beautiful

my husband moved out
he was angry
and sad

my best friend at work got fired
he was talented
and amazing

I sent two kids 
to the ER last night

their seasons are over
they're thankful
it was not worse

we all have some perspective now

Jack got his halo off
the neck brace too
and is going home soon



  1. Good night. You have burdens enough for twelve women.

    I won't say some crap about "That which does not kill us."

    Life can be be goddamn unfair and I'm so sorry it has made you its whipping boy.

    Know that people you've never met care about you.

    A big hug that lasts a little too long,


  2. I'm angry and sad for you.
    and I don't know what else to say.

  3. thank you so much for your kind words. I debated putting such personal stuff on here, but it has always been what I do and it has always been therapeutic. I do want to be clear that I asked my husband to leave; I was not abandoned.

  4. I read you daily, and I wish you a good journey matter who does the asking it's never

  5. Just wanted to say I'm thinking about you too. Hoping things get better soon.

  6. Sheesh! Wishing you a much better few weeks ahead. When it rains it certainly does pour doesn't it. Want you to know though that I'm a newcomer and enjoying your blog immensely!

  7. You've begun to close a door that was clearly making you unhappy BUT have also opened a new window of endless possibilities, new adventures and happiness. Focus on that window more than that door and it will all be o.k. I feel happy for you. Seriously-there's a lot more to look forward too now and less shit to deal with. Throw all his stuff out and redecorate!! Hang in there :>

  8. well fuck me in the face.

    first of all---i am SO SO SO sorry about your cat.

    the husband thing...
    try not to take the burden of your husband leaving on yourself.

    people are weird and they do selfish weird things.
    i wish the best for you.