Thursday, September 8, 2011

He doesn't know

that he's her boyfriend

and has been for about a year

but now

she gets to stand by him at the bus stop
(yep 10 kids at our bus stop, it's fun)

because it's her first day of kindergarten

in other news

he started 1st grade on Tuesday
and is decidedly less enthusiastic than his sister

I am afraid he will be like me 
and be known as the brother of his more personable younger sibling
"Ohhh, your Ben's sister!"

They still call me that.

moving on...

I am now a Catholic school teacher
in addition to my job as an athletic trainer
I have stopped blogging and started lesson planning
don't take it personally

he has started baking 
and I don't know what that means
but it is concerning none the less

I made this 
but forgot the feta
so it wasn't very good

someday more pretty interiors

until then 



  1. It's called real life for most of us. There will be time for pretty rooms later.

    Did you really get knocked up on mat leave?

    Love the cap, go HABS!

  2. so funny...great commentary. hopefully little boys at bus stops don't read blogs or you are dead. your daughter is so freakin' cute...and i'd kill for her boots! good luck with your fall schedule!