Monday, September 26, 2011

39 and 11/12 and dark

this week I am 39 and 11/12

and as you can tell I am feeling a little dark

sorry for the political
and crabby posts
it's not because I'm almost 40
I swear
I'm not that vain
I got other shit going on though

so if you are a regular reader
and you love me

and that pretty much narrows it down to you, mom
please get me these boots for my birthday

and don't give me the money to buy the boots
cause I'll have to use that to pay
last months mortgage payment

and with that
I think I should be dark for awhile

so as not to bring y'all down



  1. I wish I could get them for you -- I'd do it in a heartbeat.

  2. i'd get you the boots too, if i could.
    and i'd pay your mortgage payment, if i could.

    hang in there. you're only 40!!

  3. p.s. those boots are the bomb.

  4. I really was asking my mom in a passive aggressive Minnesota kind of way.

    you guys rock.