Friday, March 25, 2011

Today, I'm thinking

I want my nose pierced

just a tiny little diamond.
you can't even see it

your thoughts please

(not yours dad)


  1. If you can't see it why have it? I always think it looks like snot.

  2. i personally think it's super douchey.

    and you are not super douchey but if you pierced your nose i would have to think you a little douchey.

    i have a sun tattoo on my right shoulder blade that is super douchey.

  3. Big enough so that we can see it, super cute. I imagine the tiny diamond that sits on my lower lip may be douchy to some... but it makes me happy everytime i see it. What makes you happy is what counts, and if you wind up not liking it (ominous music here)take it out.