Friday, September 17, 2010

I miss you already

I was ready to welcome fall and it's cooler weather and routine schedule.
But a week of cold rain and nonstop activity has left me exhausted and missing summer already.

 If I could cuddle up with a huge warm blanket, an outdoor fire, a good book and a cup of hot cocoa I would be healed.  Hope you have a relaxing weekend.  Think of me. I gotta work.


  1. shit man, we haven't had rain in weeks!! i will gladly take some of it off of your hands. it's dry as hell here, and as a result all the leaves are falling off the trees before they have chance to turn. booooo!!!!

  2. Feel free to visit Texas. Hey - I'll even let you stay at our house. Highs are still in the low to mid-90's. It's sunny. You pretty much have to remind yourself that October is one week away.
    I'd love to have more than the 3 weeks of fall that we get here.

    Of course, I'm not jealous of all that snow you get. I'd like to visit, you know, around Christmas, but in February I'm ready for Spring!