Thursday, April 22, 2010

Dear Greg and Helen:

Thanks for the nice card you sent when your dog killed my dog.  You are right no one should have to witness a scene like that.  I am sad that you "put Brody down" on Monday.  He probably could have been a good dog if you had given him any love and attention, invested any time and money in training him, or kept him in the house when you were away, since he had a history of attacking other dogs, you ignorant low lifes.  It's your fucking fault, not the dog's.  In my experience Golden Retrievers are generally pretty friendly.

I am so happy to hear that your other dog is working with a professional trainer to curb his aggressive tendencies.  My precious dog had been attending puppy classes and social time as well as spending time with neighborhood dogs in order to learn proper dog behavior, that is what you are supposed to fucking do, not wait until it kills a child's pet in front of him and then try to train it you assholes.

It touches me that you are truly sorry for our loss; how about you offer to fix the damn fence, pay for my dog's cremation, or the therapy my kids need now since they can't sleep.  My dog is in a little box now wrapped in a velvet bag.  What the hell do I do with that?  Fuck you.


  1. You're completely right and I'm so sad that this all had to happen when it could have easily been prevented. (I wish I could hug you)

  2. I found your blog via boops, and started working my way back through your archives - then I came across this post. I am so so so sorry about your puppy. I have 6 dogs, and I'm Shelter Manager at a large open admissions animal shelter, so when I say dogs are a huge and important part of my life, I mean it. It sounds like you were wonderful pet parents. I hope you and your children will heal, and that someday you'll be able to fill the dog-shaped hole in your lives.