Monday, April 19, 2010

Crazy warm

It has been unseasonably warm here this month.  Yesterday we were boating, last year at this time the lake was frozen.  I am sunburned.  It is lovely.  And it has me thinking of our landscape.  Or lack there of.  I have dozens of tear sheets for the yard I covet.  Right now I have lots of dandelions, creeping charley, moles, ugly fake brick patio pavers, and a horrific black walnut tree that leaves it's slimy nuts all over my yard every August.  But someday I will have a yard with the following elements:
A fence with large square lattice, but no finial, why the finial?  This one isn't even the right scale.

Pavers with ground cover between them. LIke this and this

I also like the all monochromatic color scheme.

The north side of my house is shady so it should have a path winding around it like this.

A simple pergola will be a nice touch

I like how this patio looks unfussy and inviting; like it is at someone's home and not a country club
I will definitely have bridal veil Spirea
And Annabelle Hydrangea
And some kind of low maintenance ornamental grasses.

Of course it will have a raingarden, and utilize storm runoff with  rain barrels.  It should be low maintenance because I just want to sit in my yard and drink wine, not work on my yard.  There are only a few obstacles between me and my dream, the huge walnut tree, my lack of a bobcat, and a few thousand dollars. Otherwise, I am so close...

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  1. the older i get the more i love warmer weather. soon i will be retired in florida im sure of it.