Friday, February 5, 2010

Feed My Addiction

I need one of these bags.  George Gina & Lucy  is my obsession.  Last year I drove to Chicago to buy one in the first photo.  They don't sell them in any stores here in Minneapolis.  And they are hard to find online.  Easier this year, than last year, but still elusive.  Their website is so fun you can see every style, in every color, but you cannot buy one.  Which makes me want it all the more.  I carry my aqua bag every where every day and with every outfit.  It goes with nothing, and so it goes with everything.  I always get compliments on it.  
Georgegina&lucy Emosion Oceanica Verde Turchesa Lack -

Las Angelinas George Gina & Lucy           

Now I want a silver or black one.  Can you help?  Do you have actual stores in your town that carry the line?  Have you seen either of these models?  Can you put me in touch with the store?  Be careful, you might become addicted too.

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