Monday, March 26, 2012

What taxes?

it's spring break 

at my school
but not at my kids

I should be doing my taxes

I have been ignoring my blog

so instead I am looking at kitchens

with soapstone sinks

and open shelving
(but not skirted sinks)

this floor

and you know I like black painted windows

I am drawn to 

dark lower cabinets
and lightness above

sorry for the blurry image

 I like some combination of black

and white

and wood

and the counters should be thick

and have a straight edge

no beveling

beveling is for sissies

and throw in one of these

that stone wall behind it 
aint bad either



  1. Soapstone and chevron pavered floor...


  2. oh man. yes. soapstone is my fave.
    ok marble is my fave. fuck. there i go again.
    dark on bottom lightness on top. word.

  3. I discovered your site through and,even though I am a Redneck Guy, I love it. I have bookmarked it and will show it to my wife ASAP. Keep up the good work!