Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Terra Cotta Pots

Gardening in Minnesota is over for a few months.  Sigh.  The cold and the gloom are enough to drive us to the bottom of a bottle of red per day if we are not careful. Stay sane and sober by indoor gardening with terra cotta pots.  They are inexpensive, beautiful, and go with any decor. Why would anyone use anything else?  No really, tell me why, I know very little about gardening.  

 My favorite secret  place to buy cheap plants in terra cotta?  Trader Joe's.  I bought this little Jade beauty for $2.99.  Hostess gift? Done.

Gorgeous indoor container garden.  Image from

Terra-cotta pots by Chiot's Run.

image from Flickr:


Image from Toad'

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